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My site was developed to help those people out there who have a PC but who don’t really know how to protect it, themselves, credit card, bank details and general privacy which we all have a right to, the options on the left of the page will take you through a step by step process and clean out any nasties lurking inside your computer. To the top right there is a drop down box which describes a bit about what the nasties are, I have tried to keep everything as simple as possible by using a step by step guide (to the left of the page), you don’t have to follow the list in any order but please leave ‘update windows and Defrag my drive’ until last.

I hope you find this site useful, if you have any critisism or comments please contact me using link below, I will be only too happy to try and help you, and update the site so it is as user friendly as possible.

All of the software that you will use throughout this site is either free or will expire after a certain time. PLEASE remember that after an expiry date, normally, 30 days, the software will not work on your computer. At the bottom of the page are some links to recommended software, it’s up to you if you buy it, if you do buy it, your computer will be protected fully and LEGALLY.

Good luck, I hope your P.C., your protection and your PRIVACY improves by 200%

Clive Jackson

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