Clean up Viruses and Worms

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Clean up Viruses and Worms
Clean up Adware and Spyware
Clean up HardDrive

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You are about to visit a site developed by Pandasoft, where your system will be cleared of any viruses or worms that you may have. There will be adverts selling stuff but there’s free stuff you can use until you are happy that your system is clean, then if you want to, you can go and can buy antivirus software to protect your PC in future.

Before you start, if you’re on hometime or your ISP (such as Freeserve or AOL) has a cut off time, make sure you disconnect then reconnect to give yourself time to complete the scan, it could take a while depending on your system.

If you have access to a printer it would be a good idea to print this guide off, just in case you get lost. It would also be easier to get back to this CleanmyPC site by adding it to your favourites (click ‘add to faves’).

When you’re ready click this link , you may have to give permission to access the internet if you have a firewall up, then click the icon ‘free online virus check’ or ‘scan your pc’. On the next page that opens, click next. You may receive some pop up messages that may scare you but they are adverts and you may like to read the content as this is the reason why you are here.

Enter your email address if asked to, click send.

Select country if asked to then region then click start

You may be asked to download an ActiveX file which is fine, when the security warning shows, click ok.

If your firewall kicks in enter password and allow to use internet, activescan will then down load.
Wait……… if you want to browse then open another window or you close the download and have to start again, watch the blue line progress, the file you’re downloading will take a look at your systems files, on a 56k dial up it took 17 minutes to check my PC.

Click scan all my computer (scans emails too)

Allow your firewall through again and watch green line and number of files scanned, there may be some noises made, this is scanning floppy drives.

Minimize the window so you can do other stuff while it looks at pc but, don’t disconnect from the internet or you will have to start again.

It could take ages depending on the amount of files on you computer from start to end it took 27 minutes in total to check mine.

CONGRADULATIONS… by now you should have a report saying that you either had or did not have any viruses. Either way your system is clean of these parasites so go on to the next step to clean out some other stuff.