Clean up HardDrive

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Clean up Viruses and Worms
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Clean up HardDrive

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Before you start, if you’re on hometime or your ISP (such as Freeserve or AOL) has a cut off time, make sure you disconnect then reconnect to give yourself time to complete the scan, it could take a while depending on your system.

If you have access to a printer it would be a good idea to print this guide off, just in case you get lost. It would also be easier to get back to this CleanmyPC site by adding it to your favourites (click ‘add to faves’).

The site you are about to visit is topshareware, click here to start, you should be looking at a window displaying HS CleanDisk Pro 5.11.

Towards the bottom click on the ‘download ’ button , then click open and wait, you will then get another window saying ‘this will install HS Clean disk Pro, do you want to continue?’, click yes, follow the instructions by clicking next, click the radio button to accept the terms and conditions, click next, and keep clicking next until you get to the install button, click the install button, you may be asked if you want to create the directory so click yes, then the finish button.

You have just installed the software so now go and register your email address to receive free information if you want to, otherwise click ok.

You may need to allow your firewall through so give permission. The next step is to actually run the software so make sure ‘files’ is selected, if you want to back up what’s deleted click the padlock button, then click find. The software then runs through your system searching for junk. When done have a look through the junk by moving the slider, when you are ready click delete. You will need to restart your computer to clear out the remaining junk so, add this site to your favourites so you can return, if you want to register and buy the software please do otherwise you can only use CleanDisk for 15 days. There are other utilities well worth a look at such as ‘memory’ optimisation.

You now need to restart your computer.