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Before you start, if you’re on hometime or your ISP (such as Freeserve or AOL) has a cut off time, make sure you disconnect then reconnect to give yourself time to complete the scan, it could take a while depending on your system.

If you have access to a printer it would be a good idea to print this guide off, just in case you get lost. It would also be easier to get back to this CleanmyPC site by adding it to your favourites (click ‘add to faves’).

To prevent unauthorized access to your computer, you must download and install windows updates on a regular basis, these updates consist of security fixes and other files that keep your computer running smoothly, click here to start the process.

You should be looking at the windows update page. Click on the scan for updates button. When the ‘Pick updates to install’ page arrives, click ‘Review and install updates’.

Depending on how long it was since you last updated your PC, will determine the number of updates available. It can take many hours to get all the updates you require so go through the list and remove or add any that you may or may not need. There will be critical updates, your version of windows updates, and driver updates.

If you decide to close the site down, you can return at a later date to carry on from where you started off, just look for the icon on the desktop and double click it.